The Full Range Analyzers are truly unique in the market.

Typical applications include production measurement in water and steam injection wells, well testing, and control systems.  The Full Range Analyzers are well suited for measuring real-time well production in a three phase separator system. 

To address the challenges of 0-100% range, the Measurement Section utilizes a unique dual oscillator design.  Similar to the Low and Mid Range, there is an oscillator optimized for the oil phase.  In addition, the second oscillator is optimized for the water phase.  Together, the dual oscillator design meets and exceeds the challenges to deliver industry leading performance.

The Full Range Analyzer is offered in three salinity ranges:

  • 0.1% to 8%
  • 8% to 25%
  • 0.1% to 25%

Each Full Range Analyzer undergoes a lengthy factory calibration routine to fully characterize the Measurement Section for the oil phase emulsion first, and then the water phase emulsion across a full spectrum of salinity conditions.

This display indicates percent Water Cut in terms of water-in-oil.  The emulsion phase is automatically detected and displayed.  For high Water Cut, in the 75 to 99.9% range, the emulsion will be water phase.  When in the water phase emulsion, external processing can be peformed by the customer to view the inverse of Water Cut, effectively transforming the water-in-oil measurement to an oil-in-water measurement.  For example 100% - Water Cut %, provides the oil-in-water percentage.

It is worth noting the real-time nature of the measurement application.  Water-Cut Analyzers are operating in real-time as process fluids are passing through the Measurement Section.  Our sensor technology is very responsive to the time varying properties of the process fluids.  Full factory calibration produces an excellent Measurement System.

The Full Range Analyzer can be field configured in either an automatic self-learning mode or in a fixed mode depending on the nature of the fluids passing through.  Phase Dynamics offers Heuristic Salinity©.  This is an automatic self-learning feature that dynamically adjust itself for time varying salinity conditions in applications where high water is common and where water-cut reaches 100% from time to time.  For applications where salinity is relatively fixed, a static configuration parameter can be used.

Phase Dynamics achieves low uncertainty with repeatable performance in this category.  Contact us to learn more.

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